Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Gift of Travel. Who’s receiving what ? You ? Be the giver ! Only 4 days left. Funny stories.

Now … Only 4 days left !  And folks are still shopping for those last minute Christmas gifts.  For many, they’re receiving future memories … The Gift of Travel !

As an agent, when customers call to buy their loved one or family, travel as a secret Christmas present, it’s amazing, the extra hoops WE jump through.  We’re like a banker … We try & do our part in trying to keep the secret.


Oh, the funny stories !

Husband called to buy wife a cruise getaway.  While confirming and deposited the cruise line, the agent said … OH NO … And email went out to the wrong party.  Fortunate, she was wrong and all ok.  She then removed the wife’s email from their database, for now.  Whewww !

Another husband bought his wife a cruise.  Next day, a sale came up for that cruise, and for only $50 more dollars, I could move them into a suite.  But I couldn’t call their only phone – Home.  Oh well, I decided take my chances & take the upgrade.  Guess he’ll call me soon when he sees another $50 on his CC.  Heheheh.
Another husband called & bought wife a cruise.  Next day, wife calls, and talks about buying THE SAME CRUISE (not a secret).  I suggested, better deal (maybe not ?) after Christmas, to put her off trying to buy.  Hehehe.

Two partners called on the same day, and wanted to purchase a vacation for the other.  They actually picked the same travel month.  Yet, not the same travel type. 
What do you do ? 
Suggest to each, buy a gift card, and the both decided together after Christmas.  Whewww !

Wonder who these receivers are ???
Only 4 more days and these lucky ladies (& one gentleman) will find out (and the secrets will finally be out – Wheww) !
Is it you ?

It can be … Be the giver … You both still win … Memories
And you have 4 more days !

(434) 237-3832 … NOW !   (smile)





Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Individual cabins receiving Group Rates. Now into year 31.

October 26, 2016

31 years ago, when Cruises Inc, our main goal was … Providing Group Rates for individual cabins.
How ?

Cruises Inc buys a lot of space from the cruise lines.  Our #1 space is with Norwegian; almost every sailing !  We buy lots of Royal Caribbean too.  Fairly easy for us to buy Princess and Holland America.  And we’re delving into space for Celebrity too.  Carnival is what we have, few and far apart, however, when we do, there seems to be a HUGH price advantage for our clients.

Most folks do know, cruise line come out with their rates, about 15 months in advance.  There’s already space, with select cruise lines, for 2018.

What folks may not realize, there are a lot of consumers, who like to buy their vacations early.  And the more these folks book, on a specific sailing, it is THEY, who drive the rates UP for everyone else, who doesn’t buy till 6 months to a year from sailing !

That’s where WE come in, for the benefit of individual cabins.  WE too, buy early !  Lots of space.  As the rates are driven UP, then we have, what we call PRICE ADVANTAGE.

PRICE ADVANTAGE is when our rates are lower than the cruise lines.  So as rates continue to climb at the cruise lines and we’ve bought space on those specific dates, then we have PRICE ADVANTAGE for individual cabins.  Our goal upon starting Cruises Inc, for the benefit of these folks !

Many of our PRICE ADVANTAGE dates will NOT be seen on our website.  Most of what is on our website is basically cruise line pricing.  Much of our PRICE ADVANTAGE is hidden.

We are a by-phone business. You must call to receive our lower rates and/or amenities.

Very important to also know… WE buy limited inventory.  Could be 2 cabins in each category or only 16 cabins on any given sailing.  So the longer you wait, the better chance you have at missing our PRICE ADVANTAGE sailings.

So if you’re not flexible in your sail dates, you’re doing yourself an injustice, every day that you let go by and you have not booked your next cruise.  You’re going, right ?  Why are you waiting ? What do you have to lose, other than the lower rates !

Naturally, we haven’t bought every date.  And even if we have, not all dates go up in price. 

Those dates that haven’t gone up in price, then we don’t have Price Advantage.  But instead, hopefully we have amenities, such onboard credit.  Again, you can’t get these amenities at the cruise lines … They gave these, only to us, and in turn, we give to YOU !

You want group rates and you’re only 1-4 cabins ?  CALL & JUMP ONBOARD one of our sailings today !  Why pay more ?
(434) 237-3832
Please listen to options. It’s a voip machine (smile).
We’re on the phone providing your fellow cruisers with their next Dream Getaway (you know ... Those guys who are driving YOUR rate UP !  smile).
See you next article ... Week of Thanksgiving ... Wow, time flies !

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Carnival Vista - Fun must see video. My buddy Drew Daly (staff) on the Vista. Enjoy !

Must  See.  Enjoy.  Great for parents/family.
See my buddy Drew (staff) onboard the new Carnival Vista.
Where Cruises Inc will hold their next annual conference … December 2016 !

While seeing video, also see button & share video with a friend. 

Carnival Vista

Built to bring you closer to sea, Carnival Vista might be their most fun ship to date! Join us on this journey and find out what makes this ship unlike any other.
The Serenity Adult Only Retreat is a world of complete peace, sea breezes and swaying hammocks. Serenity's the place to do the stuff that's hard in everyday life- reconnect with your partner, finish that book or do blissfully, nothing at all.

If you're in the mood for some cocktails, grab a seat at the Havana Bar and order up some handcrafted Cuban drinks like the classic Mojito or traditional Daiquiri. This bar is just steps from the pool, where the ocean view and atmosphere give you a bit of that old-time Cuban resort flavor.
Ready for more? There's something new and exciting around every corner. For those who flock to waterparks, we suggest sliding on over to WaterWorks. Classic spiraling waterslides, a giant bucket, expanded SplashZone and more are simply overflowing for your hydro-delight. Make sure to check out the Kaleid-O-Slide. This raft slide- for one or two- takes speedy-good times to the next level with lights, colors and all-around fun.

After you've relaxed all day- the dinner options are endless. Who's gathered around the table is just as important as what's being served. High cuisine meets great atmosphere at Fahrenheit 555, a dining experience that stands toe-to-toe with some of the best steakhouses on land. If you're in the mood for seafood- a good dish is quite the catch, and that's exactly what Seafood Shack is serving.
Regardless of what you're in the mood for, Carnival Vista has you covered.

Go here:  Carnival Vista Sailings !

Call & Getaway today ... On the new Carnival Vista !
(434) 237-3832

Current Carnival Offers !  Call for clarity Today !
And see next blog, Wed, Nov 16, 2016

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Carnival Corp. launches several new Saturday morning Family TV series beginning October 1. Sharing family adventures by ship !

Carnival Corp has created 3 new TV series.  To be aired on ABC, NBC, and The CW ….
Saturday morning Family programming !  Another to air mid-week, during Prime Time TV.  80 episodes planned … Family & Cruising Vacations.

“Taking cruising into the family living rooms ….”, states Peggy (one of our the WTH agents) … “Families venture around the globe … Immerse in the culture … And relax onboard after a day of new adventures”.
Join my Cruz Lady Blog again,  Oct 19 (Oct 12, regular scheduled time, I will be cruising onboard the Crystal Serenity.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

HOT TOPIC, 230+ Cruise Ships to Transit Panama Canal 2016Fall & 2017Winter Season. You too can save, like other 460,000+ expected cruisers !

Each year, cruising the Panama Canal is another HoT ToPiC among many of my customers ‘bucket list’ !  Whether they’ve sailed through the Panama before or it’s their 1st time there.

Why is it such a popular cruise destination ?
Naturally, it gives cruisers – YOU – the opportunity to go through the locks and view how it’s actually done !  Be a part of history !

Panama Canal from Caribbean Sea to Pacific Ocean.  See uTube video

Where at the locks found ?
Locks are found on the Pacific side and Caribbean side.

What is the distance between the Pacific & Caribbean locks ?
See below, Wikipedia

Are all Panama Cruises alike ?
No.  Each offer different ports to choose from.  To include with your cruise.
See our video, Falmouth-Jamaica.  http://vwebb.cruisesinc.com/travel/cruises/Editorial.html?edType=Custom%20Page&pagename=falmouth-jamaica
See our video, Ocho Rios-Jamaica.
See our video, Cozumel-Mexico.

How short of a cruise, can you take to see the Canal ?
Carnival offers, at select times, as short as 8N cruises (this can change from year to year).  However, note, the ship does not usually ‘sail thru’ the locks on short cruises.

Other cruise lines offer as short as 9N and ‘sail thru’ the locks.  However, again, the shorter cruises do not sail over to the Pacific side of locks. These are usually 14N-15N & longer .

See options. Currently, as low as $699 (12N).  Opportunity for amenities too !

So how to you see the locks or the Pacific locks, if your cruise does not sail thru ?
There are a variety of tours available through the cruise lines.

Reported by AnywherePanama: 
Panama is much more than a canal. This colorful country is filled with vibrant cultures and impressive landscapes.

Article, USAToday, Amy Lively.  The Panama Canal is an international waterway that links the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. After France unsuccessfully attempted to build a canal through the Isthmus of Panama in the 1800s, the United States began building the canal in 1904. The canal was completed in 1914.  More on article:

From Wikipedia.  The Panama Canal (Spanish: Canal de Panamá) is a man-made 48-mile (77 km) waterway in Panama that connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean. The canal cuts across the Isthmus of Panama and is a key conduit for international maritime trade. There are locks at each end to lift ships up to Gatun Lake, an artificial lake created to reduce the amount of excavation work required for the canal, 26 metres (85 ft) above sea level. The original locks are 33.5 metres (110 ft) wide. A third, wider lane of locks was constructed between September 2007 and May 2016. The expanded canal began commercial operation on June 26, 2016. The new locks allow transit of larger, Post-Panamax ships, which have a greater cargo capacity than the previous locks were capable of handling.
For more info:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panama_Canal

Below Insight reported by Cruise Industry News, September 13, 2016:
More than 230 cruise ships will transit the Panama Canal during the 2016-2017 cruise season, which begins on October 4, 2016 with the transit of the Coral Princess.

"We expect the major cruise lines will use the Panama Canal route during the cruise season, which lasts until April 2017," said Albano Aguilar ,international trade specialist, Vice Presidency for Planning and Business Development.

Smaller cruise ships will also transit through the waterway, including the Voyager Safari and National Geographic Sea Lion, with shorter seven- and eight-day itineraries, respectively, along the west coast of Central America.

During this season, Regent Seven Seas, Holland America Line and Noble Calidonia will have ships transiting with new itineraries through the Canal. Regent Seven Seas Explorer will transit on January 2, 2017, Holland America Line's Eurodam on April 13, 2017, and Noble Calidonia's Hebridean Sky on April 17, 2017. 

After completing more than 160 successful transits through the new locks, the Panama Canal is now accepting booking requests for Neo-panamax passenger vessels for transit dates beginning April 1, 2017. To date, 11 reservations have been made for passenger vessels to transit the Expanded Canal starting October 2017, for the 2017-2018 season.

Call today !
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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

EXPEDIA (travel site). Truly read & enjoy – My associates expressing latest 'words of wisdom' (just last night)

Had said I would see you again September 14, 2016, for next Cruz Lady Blog article ... But then this topic came up this week !

Personally, I too,  use Expedia or Travelocity, as a RESOURCE, in finding flights, for myself, and customers.  However, like Hotels.com & other ‘internet sites’, I do NOT buy here !  I buy direct from the airlines and hotels, unless, Cruises Inc has a ‘preferred land-hotel vendor’ (or from the cruise lines) ! 

As a company, Cruises Inc actually has access to make purchased through Expedia Taap (agent site).  However, Expedia is NOT one of Cruises Inc’s ‘listed’ preferred vendors.  Meaning, us agents, are ‘on our own’, if we use them.  That is NOT what I want for my clients.  I too, want Cruises Inc’s backing for me & clients (Truly hope, you know/understand, the value,  of the meanings for  … On your own AND Backing !)

As I expressed to one of my girlfriends last week (and mentioned in my article), Do you read the contract ?  Do you realize, when you agree to terms & conditions, you have made LOTS of acceptance in your purchase.

YOU, the consumer, are ‘one person’.  Whether it’s buying a package, a flight, or a hotel.  Cruises Inc is a National company, buying 1000’s and 1000’s of travel packages, or pieces to a vacation experience, PER DAY ! 

Our experiences in the travel world is 10 folds over, what the general consumer experiences, sees, or hears about.  The consumer’s ‘one-bought on your own’ piece of travel, may do just fine.  But NOT with the many WE deal with. Or the many consumers WE hear from !

Here’s what 12 of my associates expressed about Expedia, just LAST NIGHT !

(1)I HATE EXPEDIA...rant over thank you for listening.
(2)Take two sangrias and call me in the morning. (smile)
(3)Couldn't agree more.
(4)I agree
(5)i said the same thing when I hung up with them this morning.  Not worth my time & energy
(6)Me too !
(7)I'm done...I will not book them again for myself or clients. I'd rather lose a potential sale than have to deal with them again.
(8)I booked a hotel in Germany for myself last month, after hours. Went to the hotel, no one answered the door or their emergency number posted on the door but since it's non refundable they can't give me a refund.
(9)Only our vendors, NEAT, Funjet hotels only, or book direct !
(10)They are often more expensive than booking directly with the hotel or airlines !
(11)Funny you say this. I just quoted my client a price for a hotel with an "agent discount" and still it was less, directly with the hotel.
(12)I mostly use Fun Jets hotel only, buy direct, use travel impressions, and last I turn to our vendor Neat.

See #8 above ?  When you ‘buy on your own’ on travel sites, YOU are left on your own, with the hours of fixing the problem !   And did you know #10 ?

Many consumers will continue to play, what I call …‘Russian Roulette’ !  Basically because of internet ‘hoopla’ and friends/family suggesting ‘buy this way’.  Yet, Our personal & company experiences ARE ... YOUR heads-up... In ‘how to buy’, in the world of travel !

See you next Cruz Lady Blog, September 14, 2016 (smile)

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Can you suit Consumer Friends for YOUR ‘bad’ vacation advice ? What to learn & where to turn, before YOU buy YOUR vacation ?

Today’s age, we have the internet for vacation insight.  Filled with valuable vacation information for consumers.  However, not all insight received, is equal or quality !

Millions of dollars have been spent, to bring consumers valuable information.   Whether it be from  vacation vendors, agents in the field, experts in the field, or travel writers.  Providing insight, rules, and advice.

Experienced travelers take advantage of insight online. They like the pre-post planning of their destination.  There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with this !  Nor what internet sites you use, in gathering info.

What many new travelers don’t realize … Though these experienced travelers, use the internet, in helping them decide which vacation they want … They still are turning to a professional, when it is time to buy !

Why ?
(1)There are more rules with vacation vendors, than the consumer can, not only fathom, but decipher through !
(2)To NOT be self-responsible for having to ‘read’ or understand all the rules !
(3)For backing & support !  Over what ‘could’ happen, whether it be with the vendor or a personal situation.
(4)Cause in most cases, professional guidance, insight, and managing, incurs NO CHARGE.  These folks are taking advantage of … FREE !

The internet is a resource !  Folks who use the internet, for more than this, often find themselves in trouble.  If not this vacation, the next !

Why ?
Who reads the rules ?
Just this week, a girlfriend asked me … Can internet sites ‘take back’ their promised confirmation price to you, later ?  We were talking flights.
My response back, did you read the rules ?
She in turn, listened to me.  Did not buy from an internet provider & bought directly from the airline sight !  Good girl !  (smile)

When it comes to flights or hotels, consumers need to buy directly from the vendor.  When you have a beef, only direct connection, will allow you this fight ! 

Totally different than cruises & land tour vacations !  Travel Writers tell you, buy these packages from a travel expert, who has direct ‘high level’ PERSONAL connection with vacation vendors !

Today, what I’m finding more, ‘new consumers’ are turning to other consumers for their needed advice.
Where ?
(1)Facebook groups
(2)Vendor chat groups.  Personally, I can't believe these vendors don't have a professional employee monitoring & only one allowed to give advice.

Insight is one thing !  Asking opinion can also be valuable.  However, acting on such advice, is another !  At present, you can try & suit a consumer or friend for ‘bad vacation advice’, but so far, I’ve not seen it stand in court !

I’ve discovered, even my own customers, who have just bought their 1st cruise, or have returned from their 1st cruise, giving advice on these chat lines.  REALLY ?  One cruise makes you an expert ?

I had been on 12 cruises , when I decided to get into this business (join Cruises Inc).  I actually thought, with all this cruise experience, I had a big advantage, deciding to join the industry.  Oh yeah, I had some cruise experience, but what I didn’t know:
(1)Every cruise line has different rules
(2)Every cruise line handles groups different than just one cabin
(3)Rules are often different with groups
(4)There are many cruise lines offers at each cruise line.
(5)Taking a cruise is NOT the same as booking a cruise !  All the red tape !  Back-office expectations, etc !

WHAT A WHOLE NEW WORLD I HAD TO LEARN … And still learning, cause rules & offers change, every day (unlike when I handled loans in the banking business).

YOU CAN NOT ASSUME ANYTHING IN THE TRAVEL WORLD ! So if I am constantly contacting the cruise lines to refresh on their rules, why would the consumer think it’s so easy ?
(1)Internet hoopla for one !
(2)Listening to these consumer chat lines !

One of the most important questions, these ‘new vacationers’ aren’t asking these chat consumers  
(1)How many times have you cruised ?
(2)How many times have to vacation with this vendor ?
(3)How many wrong decisions have you made ?  How many times, could you have made better decisions ?

One of the biggest pieces of ‘bad advice’ I see on the chat lines ?
Consumers suggesting that vacationers buy direct at the vacation vendor.

Why do I see this as bad advice ?
(1)Travel Writers tell consumers, buy your vacation from a travel professional.  Are consumers reading the advice of Famous Industry Recognized Travel Writers ?  Do they even know, such exists ?
(2)Cruise Line employees come/go !  They can only provide you the info they can read on their computer.  Reading the info to consumers, does not mean they have company experience nor travel experience.
(3)We all know (apparently these chatters don't know), cruise lines give lower rates to Top Cruise-Only agencies.  Not even their past guest can call the cruise line & receive these lower rates/amenities !  Could it be, these chatters work for the cruise line, yet acting like a consumer ? 

What’s my summary on advice to vacationers ?
(1)Yes, use the internet as your resource.  Be prepared before calling your travel professional to buy
(2)Buy your vacation from a travel professional
(3)Be selective, what ‘consumer advice’ you listen to !  You could get this confused with the advice your travel professional gives you.  AND … What experience does this consumer really have ?  AND KNOW … You doubtfully will be able to suit them, if you take their wrong advice !

And advice to consumers chatters (advice givers) … Beware, that day is coming … Where other consumer will be able to suit YOU for wrong travel advice !
Call me (434/800) 237-3832
It is a voip machine.  I'm on the phone, 24/7, during work hours (M-F, till 6pm).  Choose the option that describes YOU !
Return for my next 'travel' article, Sept 14, 2016.


Friday, August 12, 2016

Carnival Cruise Line honors Top Agencies with ‘Excellence Awards’. Cruises Inc-WTH wins Top Award/Honor.

Fifteen top travel agencies in the U.S and Canada are recipients of this year's Excellence Awards …
Cruises Inc-World Travel Holdings (WTH) wins … Top Honor.

The travel agencies were selected by Carnival's sales leadership team because they demonstrated sales effectiveness, innovative marketing techniques, brand advocacy and effective leadership.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

August is ‘Romance Awareness’ Month. How shall you plan YOUR … Celebration of Love ? Ideas enclosed !

What could be more fun, to an end of a lovely Summer, than planning a 'Celebration of Love' !
The question … Shall you make it an ultimate surprise ?
Or plan an adventure together !

So many choices & offers ! 

I know my staff reminded me,  just yesterday, of all these cruise line offers ! 
* Norwegian - 2 onboard credit offers.  One in Alaska on the Pearl & Sun.
* Celebrity  - Lots of promos. 
* Royal Caribbean - 30% off promos and kids free. 
* Carnival - Has started a free upgrade sale and a nice Pack & Go promotion.
* Holland America - Cruises Inc has an Exclusive onboard credit offer on 7 nights or longer.
* Princess Continues - Their Sip & Sail promotion.  

MORE EXCLUSIVES ... CALL (434/800) 237-3832, press 62 (leave message of your interests !)

And All-Inclusive &  Resorts too !
Apple Vacations has ...
* Escape to Hawaii offers !
* Last Minute offers !
* Discover Jamaica ... Save up to $150 per couple
* 1/2 off vacations - Select hotels
CALL ME (434/800) 237-3832, press 62 (leave me a message of your choice vacation)

Even Delta Vacation offers !
* Discover Paradise - up to $2 50 per reservation ... Aqua-Aston Hospitality !
* Family Fun - Save $200 per reservation for DREAM ... NOW ... And SUNSCAPE Resorts & Spa !
Call now (434/800) 237-3832

Which shall you choose ?
Call me... Let's get you there !
Vivian ...

See you next Blog post ... Aug 24

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Why a Guided Land Tour ? United States & travels outside of the US

Often a destination, we’ve long to visit in the United States, and in many countries around the World, pops up on our radar … Let’s go there next !

Well why not !

Now the decision …
*Do I just go there, leave the planning till after arriving ?
*Put in, possibly 50 hours of online searching for answers, and try & pre-plan before arriving ?
*Choose a Guided Tour ?

I remember, 8 years back, going to Japan, for my 19 day cruise, over to Alaska.  Simply found a hotel, for a 2 night pre-stay, to my cruise.  Only to learn, my cost to get from airport to hotel, would estimate $200. And from the hotel to ship, only 10 minutes away, another  $50.  WOW ! 

I personally put in over 30 hours, just to find a lower cost transportation !  And then, what to do with my time, once there.

Here’s just a few of what I didn’t learn, while on my online searches !
*Exchanging US currency to the Yen, was like getting a bank loan. No lie.  I did this twice, while there.
*The pre-tour I bought, to visit the city and partake in a luncheon Japanese ritual, would include no English speaking, so no idea what any of the 10 dishes in front of me were.
*Cab cost to meet-up with my pre-tour would take all my Yen, and I would have to go back to the bank for more money.
*Dinner at OutBack Restaurant is not the same as in the US.  No side items.  Before you finished eating, you began wondering WHAT you were eating !
*Discovered my feet didn’t like all the walking, as I tried avoiding cab costs !
My own travels is a great example, for the need of, a pre-cruise pre-planned Guided Tour !

I could have left the …
*Planning to someone else.  Saved my 30+ hours, only to discover I hadn’t learned all I needed to know, for a relaxing 2 days prior to my cruise !
*Expertise to the experts in Japan !  For all the pieces to my puzzle !  The things I didn’t know !
*Getting to, easier for myself !  Not had to read maps and find English speaking locals for help !
*Tours & meals, understanding everything in English words !
*Exchanging US currency to Yen, at a minimal hassle !

Tour Operators, like agents and cruise specialist, have already invested education and experience, to help folks, like You & me … Travel more hassle free !

Below are a few Great Land Tour Operators we use !
Call me & Allow us too, in helping you get there !  (434/800) 237-3832


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Are you one of the fortunate 1,000,000+ US employees/organization members/and valued customers, with access to Company/Member FREE Cruise Perks ®. Cruises Inc celebrating our 10 year program.

Cruises Inc is celebrating their 10th year !  Providing our Company/Member FREE Cruise Perks ® program to many employees, organizations members, and valued customers, all over the US.

Is YOUR business, job, organization, club, or church,  a part of this program too ? 
Are you, as an employee/member/customers receiving this FREE added value benefits program ? 

It begins with a FREE website for business and organizations/churches.  The website carries the logo for the particular business and organization/church.  The website also has 5 webpages available, for customizing, specifically for that business and organization/church.   The webaddress for the website is also specific to the business and organization/church.

Their employees, members, and customers, have access to this website, by way of this unique webaddress.  Once there, the employee, member, and customers, has access to take advantage of , added value cruise vacations, exclusive offers and sales, the 5 unique webpages added, any vacation giveaways and more. 

The vacations do not need to be purchases online.  The employee, member, and customers, have direct access in calling Cruises Inc for vacation purchases.  Along with Cruises Inc’s expertise, direct vacation management, and vendor connection, that’s included for all Cruises Inc customers.

See flyer below. 

If you, as an employee, member, or customers, are not yet aware of this program, with your job,  organization or church, maybe they’ve yet to sign or maybe not aware of this added value benefit for YOU !  Please share with the person who makes added benefits available for you.  And you too, can start taking advantages of added value vacation discounts available for employees/members/customers.

In celebration of our 10 year program, Cruises Inc is accepting new membership to our FREE Cruise Perks ® program, for a limited time.
Call today & mention where you read about our current ‘opening’.
Call me directly (434/800) 237-3832.


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Travel bucket list ? Money an object ? 4 ways to get you there ! What won’t work. Many listening. YOU can too ! See why I travel & offer travel in helping YOU !

Know my #1 reason why I travel ?
Get away from work !  Rejuvenate !  Have a break in life.  Forget all of life’s little issues … Even if only temporary !
Doesn’t hurt that I also get to see new places and experience new cultures !
However that is not my #1 reason.  It’s for a needed break !  (smile)

Why did I get in the travel business ?
I can promise you, it is NOT for all the headaches that can rise in client vacations, behind the scenes !
Though my forte’, and I do seek those natural highs from ‘problem solving’, that is not my utmost reason for getting in this business  !
No … I was NOT looking for another career after leaving banking of 10 years !
So No … I am NOT suggesting you get in this business !  Leave the work to me & you go have FuN !
My reason for being here … Is so that YOU too … Discover the value a vacation can bring you !

Why I offer travel to others, is no different than your chosen career.  Hopefully, in general, you love your job/what you do !
Either to show others compassion or share your expertise in the product or service, you not only LOVE … But you can help others … And you believe in what you do/offer !

I believe vacation saved my life !  In more ways than one !
I’m a work-a-holic … I need/deserve vacation more than YOU
(you should think the same way too … YOU need/deserve vacation more than me) !
Fortunate for me … I discovered the value a vacation brings to a work-a-holic  ... 30 years ago. 
And I believe it has saved … A many a clients marriage too !  Even when they didn’t know it needed saving !

I’m also a Certified Life Coach and Teacher too … Naturally you can see WHY I am driven in wanting to help  YOU !
Can you only imagine how frustrated I get … When I don’t get folks away ?  Can't give what I know will help in their lives ??
Or receive callers who think/act like, they’re doing me a favor, by buying their travel from me ! 
If you don’t opt to travel… The person you are hurting is YOU !  Your mate !

Let me help you !  Many who are traveling, even with lack of money, are listening.  You can choose to too !  See #3 … My favorite and it’s the MOST POPULAR of many my travelers !

1st step for all 3 plans … Make a list of the travels, on your bucket list.
Don’t put down the whole world !
Think about it.  Name your 5 top places.
Yes, it can be generic, like Europe or Canada.  Or you can be a little more specific, like Mediterranean or Canada/New England.
Plan #1 … Commit to vacation EARLY !
Plan a year or 15 months in advance.  As soon as vacation pricing comes out.  Then plan your next vacation, 6 months prior to leaving, on this vacation.  In time, you will be on a cycle of seeing the world !
This gives you time to set forth, monthly equal payments !

Plan #2 … You can’t commit to a vacation date that early ?
Then find a travel specialist who will allow you to invest in a vacation certificate, with payments, for a future vacation !  Cruises Inc can help you here.  This way, your saved money is reserved for your well needed vacation !

Plan #3 … Invite family and friends to join you !
Did you know vacation vendors offer you travel credits, for this vacation, when you invite others to join you ?
1st step … Make a list of all your friends/family/co-workers.  Only name the 1st person, per couple, so when you’re finished, this is ‘how many couples’ you have.
2nd step … Beside each name, write ‘when’ they can travel ?
3rd step … How long can each of these folks get away ?
4th step … Who are early planners ? Who are last minute ?
5th step … What might each of their budgets be.

I have several clients who are involved with plan #3.  Vacationing more than once a year … For years …  And seeing the World !  You can too !  Let me help you !
It’s like starting our own business WITHOUT being the agent !  The value of not being the agent, is for an agent to help YOU … Get here !

If I had my business to do over again, I would ONLY opt for plan #3.
I would chose 6 vacations a year .  And promote to everyone I know, just 3 dates.
Bar tender, mechanic, mail man, nurse … Doesn’t matter who goes with you … Think about folks in your club, your church !  Other folks who are not traveling
(they may be waiting for a leader like you, to plan it)
It’s about you getting there !
Cause once you’re on a cruise, an All-Inclusive, or Land Vacation Package … The vendor takes over taking care of all your guests !
You just have FuN too !
(Unfortunately, I didn’t have this same insight 25 years ago, and stuck by the phone, in being here for all, taking advantage of #3 ! smile)

Or you can opt in #4. 
The 52 week money challenge !
However, unless you are committed at not using this $$ in time of need over another $ issue, this may not work for you.  You have to opt in being more committed than that, if you want to … See the World !

Call today … Get active with plan #3 !
It’s where m any travelers on a minimal budget have turned to … For years !
You just didn’t apparently know !
(434/800) 237-3832

PS.  You’re a last minute planner ? 
Then look to #2 & #4 .  And have money in hand upon your 1st call to your travel specialist !
Folks who give a bad name to ‘last minute’ travel buying ??  Those who call & have no money to buy. 
Like any agent, I personally have 0 compassion for any such caller !  And sorry, unable to appreciate such callers who are selfishly dreaming !  Vacation is a serious business !  And should be treated as such !

You ? Your spouse ? A work-a-holic ? Think retirement is the answer ? Could this be the reason, you’re putting off/NOT taking vacation ! See WHY, I have more male vacation clients than women.

I’m a work-a-holic !
Are you ? Your spouse ?
How do you know you’re not ?

Oxford dictionaries say … The definition of someone who is a work-a-holic is …
A person who compulsively works hard and long hours.

Are you always cleaning the house ? 
Volunteer for everything ?
Go to work earlier than scheduled time, yet don’t get off till normal time ?

Subconsciously making up work that’s not even there ?
Fear that if you take off time at work, something awful will happen, cause they’ll need you ?

Are you (or your spouse) ..
*Work driven
*Don’t know how to relax
*Won’t take time off
*Constant excuses for why you must work
*Won’t take vacation (or very few)
*Think your job can’t live without you, while you’re on vacation

Besides being a vacation specialist … I’m a Certified Life Coach and Certified Teacher .
Here’s FREE advice in helping you wake up !

I use to be in the bank business.  I loved it. However, as a work-a-holic, I go NOT STOP, as described above !  My subconscious drives me !  And so does yours !

Thankfully for me, 30 years ago, I discovered the value of vacation !  How it made me feel, when getting away !  To rejuvenate !  I totally believe, this discover, SAVED MY LIFE !  Helped me !  With my subconscious addiction !

It’s WHY I’m in the business.  Because I want EVERYONE who has this same addiction, to discover the same joy of relaxation !  Realize there’s another side to life, besides work !

Sure, I still come back to working non-stop !  Even more so, before and after !  In general, that’s not going to change, unless I change my subconscious thinking !  And neither will yours !  It just means I need to take more vacations ... I try to go every 2 months ! 
I’m also a hypnotherapist … A person who can help you with such addictions !

Like AA, if you’re the work-a-holic  … The 1st step in getting YOU better is…
Admitting it !

Step #2 … Pre-planning vacation early !  Committing.  Giving yourself that needed time, for believing you deserve it, but accepting that you’re going to take off, for this well-deserved getaway !  Knowing that you’re not going TODAY, truly helps you adjust !  Allows you to get excited, in time, of doing this over and over !

#3, think about choosing a cruise vacation !  WHY ?
*Get out of the country.  So work can’t find you and you can’t find your work !
*Discover the relaxation a cruise can bring you

Once I discovered what cruising gave back to me (relaxation, getaway & more), I was hooked.   Though I am personally still a work-a-holic, cruising truly gives me that REAL GETAWAY that I need to rejuvenate !

If the person who is a work-a-holic is your spouse ?  Again, pre-plan early.  Year in advance !  15 months in advance.  And plan the next vacation, 6 months before you leave on this vacation ! You will eventually get in a routine that they become adjusted to !

And again, I’m suggesting a cruise !
If the work-a-holic is male, the hardest part is 1st getting him there.
Know, I am have more male vacation clients TODAY than women !
Once you get him there, he calls ME next time !
What joy is that ?  It’s wonderful !

If you think waiting for your retirement or their retirement is the answer (the excuse they give you) … Either 3 things will happen.  And you may as well start mentally excepting the outcome now !
*There will be another excuse
*They will volunteer for everything to keep busy !
*They won ‘t make it (be here) to retirement  !

Being a work-a-holic is unhealthy, no matter what excuse someone gives you, for having to work …
And waiting till retirement is not the answer !