Wednesday, August 31, 2016

EXPEDIA (travel site). Truly read & enjoy – My associates expressing latest 'words of wisdom' (just last night)

Had said I would see you again September 14, 2016, for next Cruz Lady Blog article ... But then this topic came up this week !

Personally, I too,  use Expedia or Travelocity, as a RESOURCE, in finding flights, for myself, and customers.  However, like & other ‘internet sites’, I do NOT buy here !  I buy direct from the airlines and hotels, unless, Cruises Inc has a ‘preferred land-hotel vendor’ (or from the cruise lines) ! 

As a company, Cruises Inc actually has access to make purchased through Expedia Taap (agent site).  However, Expedia is NOT one of Cruises Inc’s ‘listed’ preferred vendors.  Meaning, us agents, are ‘on our own’, if we use them.  That is NOT what I want for my clients.  I too, want Cruises Inc’s backing for me & clients (Truly hope, you know/understand, the value,  of the meanings for  … On your own AND Backing !)

As I expressed to one of my girlfriends last week (and mentioned in my article), Do you read the contract ?  Do you realize, when you agree to terms & conditions, you have made LOTS of acceptance in your purchase.

YOU, the consumer, are ‘one person’.  Whether it’s buying a package, a flight, or a hotel.  Cruises Inc is a National company, buying 1000’s and 1000’s of travel packages, or pieces to a vacation experience, PER DAY ! 

Our experiences in the travel world is 10 folds over, what the general consumer experiences, sees, or hears about.  The consumer’s ‘one-bought on your own’ piece of travel, may do just fine.  But NOT with the many WE deal with. Or the many consumers WE hear from !

Here’s what 12 of my associates expressed about Expedia, just LAST NIGHT !

(1)I HATE EXPEDIA...rant over thank you for listening.
(2)Take two sangrias and call me in the morning. (smile)
(3)Couldn't agree more.
(4)I agree
(5)i said the same thing when I hung up with them this morning.  Not worth my time & energy
(6)Me too !
(7)I'm done...I will not book them again for myself or clients. I'd rather lose a potential sale than have to deal with them again.
(8)I booked a hotel in Germany for myself last month, after hours. Went to the hotel, no one answered the door or their emergency number posted on the door but since it's non refundable they can't give me a refund.
(9)Only our vendors, NEAT, Funjet hotels only, or book direct !
(10)They are often more expensive than booking directly with the hotel or airlines !
(11)Funny you say this. I just quoted my client a price for a hotel with an "agent discount" and still it was less, directly with the hotel.
(12)I mostly use Fun Jets hotel only, buy direct, use travel impressions, and last I turn to our vendor Neat.

See #8 above ?  When you ‘buy on your own’ on travel sites, YOU are left on your own, with the hours of fixing the problem !   And did you know #10 ?

Many consumers will continue to play, what I call …‘Russian Roulette’ !  Basically because of internet ‘hoopla’ and friends/family suggesting ‘buy this way’.  Yet, Our personal & company experiences ARE ... YOUR heads-up... In ‘how to buy’, in the world of travel !

See you next Cruz Lady Blog, September 14, 2016 (smile)