Thursday, July 27, 2017

2018 Cruise Free like a Cruise Specialist - All Inclusives too


Folks ask me all the time if I … CRUISE FREE ?
In general … NO. 

In general … Nothing is for free. 
However … I too … Can earn $$ towards a FREE CRUISE … Just like you ! 

The difference between me & you ?
I do all the maintenance on your cruise and staff handles your Customer Service needs …
And YOU … Just cruise (smile).

How can You & me … Cruise FREE ?

How about a few questions to you … FIRST … 

1)Do you normally travel with family/friends on your vacations ?

2)If not, ever wish, after you get on vacation, your family/friends we there to experience too ? 

3)Do you know more people than just family/friends ?
(mechanic ?  doctor ? grocery bagger ? folks at church ?  clubs ? classmates ?  Military friends ?)
How many folks are on your Facebook Page ? 

4)Do you like the idea of ‘giving’ & making others happy ? 

5)Do you like the concept of cruising … Where most folks do what they want during the day … Then meet up with table mates at dinner ?

6)Do you like the idea of no paperwork for you … In earning $ towards FREE cruise ?

If you said yes to all the above … Then you too, qualify like a Cruise Specialist !

Here’s all you have to do ...
Just invite family/friends/others to cruise with you …
And the cruise line gives you $.

There is a catch …
You need to plan 9mo to 15mo prior to sailing. 
Why ?  Cruise Line can’t handle your group too, if you’re booking last minute !  So they ‘cut off’ space !
If there’s no designated space left for your group … You earn NOTHING !
And FYI … Your invites can earn a bonus too !

How much can you earn ?
ENDLESS … Based on available space ! 

How do you start ?
Make list of friends/family/other.

(need help deciding ?  want help looking at webpages ?  Call me)

3rd … See below … Call me !

Ready to know how many friends you need to invite ?
Depends on how much $ you want to earn …
Yes … You can earn MORE than your cruise cost !
As low as 10 people/5cabins can bring in big bucks !
Call me !
(434/800) 237-3832
Fla (386) 222-3030

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