Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Why a Guided Land Tour ? United States & travels outside of the US

Often a destination, we’ve long to visit in the United States, and in many countries around the World, pops up on our radar … Let’s go there next !

Well why not !

Now the decision …
*Do I just go there, leave the planning till after arriving ?
*Put in, possibly 50 hours of online searching for answers, and try & pre-plan before arriving ?
*Choose a Guided Tour ?

I remember, 8 years back, going to Japan, for my 19 day cruise, over to Alaska.  Simply found a hotel, for a 2 night pre-stay, to my cruise.  Only to learn, my cost to get from airport to hotel, would estimate $200. And from the hotel to ship, only 10 minutes away, another  $50.  WOW ! 

I personally put in over 30 hours, just to find a lower cost transportation !  And then, what to do with my time, once there.

Here’s just a few of what I didn’t learn, while on my online searches !
*Exchanging US currency to the Yen, was like getting a bank loan. No lie.  I did this twice, while there.
*The pre-tour I bought, to visit the city and partake in a luncheon Japanese ritual, would include no English speaking, so no idea what any of the 10 dishes in front of me were.
*Cab cost to meet-up with my pre-tour would take all my Yen, and I would have to go back to the bank for more money.
*Dinner at OutBack Restaurant is not the same as in the US.  No side items.  Before you finished eating, you began wondering WHAT you were eating !
*Discovered my feet didn’t like all the walking, as I tried avoiding cab costs !
My own travels is a great example, for the need of, a pre-cruise pre-planned Guided Tour !

I could have left the …
*Planning to someone else.  Saved my 30+ hours, only to discover I hadn’t learned all I needed to know, for a relaxing 2 days prior to my cruise !
*Expertise to the experts in Japan !  For all the pieces to my puzzle !  The things I didn’t know !
*Getting to, easier for myself !  Not had to read maps and find English speaking locals for help !
*Tours & meals, understanding everything in English words !
*Exchanging US currency to Yen, at a minimal hassle !

Tour Operators, like agents and cruise specialist, have already invested education and experience, to help folks, like You & me … Travel more hassle free !

Below are a few Great Land Tour Operators we use !
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