Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Individual cabins receiving Group Rates. Now into year 31.

October 26, 2016

31 years ago, when Cruises Inc, our main goal was … Providing Group Rates for individual cabins.
How ?

Cruises Inc buys a lot of space from the cruise lines.  Our #1 space is with Norwegian; almost every sailing !  We buy lots of Royal Caribbean too.  Fairly easy for us to buy Princess and Holland America.  And we’re delving into space for Celebrity too.  Carnival is what we have, few and far apart, however, when we do, there seems to be a HUGH price advantage for our clients.

Most folks do know, cruise line come out with their rates, about 15 months in advance.  There’s already space, with select cruise lines, for 2018.

What folks may not realize, there are a lot of consumers, who like to buy their vacations early.  And the more these folks book, on a specific sailing, it is THEY, who drive the rates UP for everyone else, who doesn’t buy till 6 months to a year from sailing !

That’s where WE come in, for the benefit of individual cabins.  WE too, buy early !  Lots of space.  As the rates are driven UP, then we have, what we call PRICE ADVANTAGE.

PRICE ADVANTAGE is when our rates are lower than the cruise lines.  So as rates continue to climb at the cruise lines and we’ve bought space on those specific dates, then we have PRICE ADVANTAGE for individual cabins.  Our goal upon starting Cruises Inc, for the benefit of these folks !

Many of our PRICE ADVANTAGE dates will NOT be seen on our website.  Most of what is on our website is basically cruise line pricing.  Much of our PRICE ADVANTAGE is hidden.

We are a by-phone business. You must call to receive our lower rates and/or amenities.

Very important to also know… WE buy limited inventory.  Could be 2 cabins in each category or only 16 cabins on any given sailing.  So the longer you wait, the better chance you have at missing our PRICE ADVANTAGE sailings.

So if you’re not flexible in your sail dates, you’re doing yourself an injustice, every day that you let go by and you have not booked your next cruise.  You’re going, right ?  Why are you waiting ? What do you have to lose, other than the lower rates !

Naturally, we haven’t bought every date.  And even if we have, not all dates go up in price. 

Those dates that haven’t gone up in price, then we don’t have Price Advantage.  But instead, hopefully we have amenities, such onboard credit.  Again, you can’t get these amenities at the cruise lines … They gave these, only to us, and in turn, we give to YOU !

You want group rates and you’re only 1-4 cabins ?  CALL & JUMP ONBOARD one of our sailings today !  Why pay more ?
(434) 237-3832
Please listen to options. It’s a voip machine (smile).
We’re on the phone providing your fellow cruisers with their next Dream Getaway (you know ... Those guys who are driving YOUR rate UP !  smile).
See you next article ... Week of Thanksgiving ... Wow, time flies !