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Cruise Versus All-Inclusive Resort: Which Is the Better Deal ? Travel writers advice.

On the surface, it looks like an all-inclusive resort offers vacationers the most value. But is the comparison that black and white? And if you add in extras (like flights), is an all-inclusive still the cheaper option?

Determining which option is the best value depends on your vacation priorities and spending habits.
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Choose a cruise if …
Choose an All-Inclusive if …
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An All-Inclusive is great for folks who:
*Beach/pool lovers !
*Plan to spend the majority of their vacation, on the resort, at the beach/pool.
(Of course, on a cruise, you can lay at the pool all day when at sea, and with even less guest, when in port). 
(My thought:  Does it matter which destination you choose, if you never plan to see it anyway ?)
*Want beach/water experience outside of your closest US beach.

Keep in mind, with an All-Inclusive:
*With most resorts out of the US, the bigger cost is usually in, getting there.
(Club Med does have a resort in Fla, on a river)
*Passport required to fly outside the US
(Except for Club Med in Fla)
*To venture away from your All-Inclusive resort (just like a cruise), can mean: (1) Additional cost for drinks and food, and (2) Tours ‘and’ transportation cost
*You only visit one destination (where as a cruise, you most often ake up in a new port, several days of the cruise).
My additional comments:
*Name Brand Resorts. When choosing an All-Inclusive, highly consider ‘name brand resorts’, just like when  choosing cruises.
*Name Brand Tour Operators. All-inclusive Resorts should be purchased thru ‘name brand’ tour operators.  These operators, (1) Rate the hotels – They’ve been there, (2) Often have a representative at select resorts.  (3) Have relationships with these resorts.  Even resorts as Sandals & beaches !
REMEMBER, not all operators are equal – not necessarily name brands  (just buying off the net, does not an operator make & there are imposters)
*Buy from an agent.  As travel writers suggest, buy from an agent (middle man for land tour packages/all-inclusives/cruises).  Consumers can‘t imagine issues they might have !  AND … Agents already have relations with tour operators that consumers DO NOT !  Spinning wheels, where  agents have already encountered).

Remember, there are no added benefits nor bonus points, for consumers, by buying your vacation on your own. 
YES, do the research.  Then call an agent to buy ! 
So you know, All-Inclusive/Land Tour/Cruise vendors pay agents to (1) Book it for you, and (2) To be there ‘after’ the buy ! 
Please don't think, ‘cause you know which vacation you want, that this is all you need’ ... That's not even why you need the agent (all is online for you to see).  When you need the agent most (besides booking if for you) ... Is AFTER !
From  Great tip:
Put on your smart-consumer hat when browsing online for all-inclusive resort deals. Large travel sites can offer discounted packages, but watch for surprise inconveniences, fees or expenses when it's time to give your credit card number when booking reservations. A travel agent can sometimes save time and money.

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