Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Are you one of the fortunate 1,000,000+ US employees/organization members/and valued customers, with access to Company/Member FREE Cruise Perks ®. Cruises Inc celebrating our 10 year program.

Cruises Inc is celebrating their 10th year !  Providing our Company/Member FREE Cruise Perks ® program to many employees, organizations members, and valued customers, all over the US.

Is YOUR business, job, organization, club, or church,  a part of this program too ? 
Are you, as an employee/member/customers receiving this FREE added value benefits program ? 

It begins with a FREE website for business and organizations/churches.  The website carries the logo for the particular business and organization/church.  The website also has 5 webpages available, for customizing, specifically for that business and organization/church.   The webaddress for the website is also specific to the business and organization/church.

Their employees, members, and customers, have access to this website, by way of this unique webaddress.  Once there, the employee, member, and customers, has access to take advantage of , added value cruise vacations, exclusive offers and sales, the 5 unique webpages added, any vacation giveaways and more. 

The vacations do not need to be purchases online.  The employee, member, and customers, have direct access in calling Cruises Inc for vacation purchases.  Along with Cruises Inc’s expertise, direct vacation management, and vendor connection, that’s included for all Cruises Inc customers.

See flyer below. 

If you, as an employee, member, or customers, are not yet aware of this program, with your job,  organization or church, maybe they’ve yet to sign or maybe not aware of this added value benefit for YOU !  Please share with the person who makes added benefits available for you.  And you too, can start taking advantages of added value vacation discounts available for employees/members/customers.

In celebration of our 10 year program, Cruises Inc is accepting new membership to our FREE Cruise Perks ® program, for a limited time.
Call today & mention where you read about our current ‘opening’.
Call me directly (434/800) 237-3832.


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Travel bucket list ? Money an object ? 4 ways to get you there ! What won’t work. Many listening. YOU can too ! See why I travel & offer travel in helping YOU !

Know my #1 reason why I travel ?
Get away from work !  Rejuvenate !  Have a break in life.  Forget all of life’s little issues … Even if only temporary !
Doesn’t hurt that I also get to see new places and experience new cultures !
However that is not my #1 reason.  It’s for a needed break !  (smile)

Why did I get in the travel business ?
I can promise you, it is NOT for all the headaches that can rise in client vacations, behind the scenes !
Though my forte’, and I do seek those natural highs from ‘problem solving’, that is not my utmost reason for getting in this business  !
No … I was NOT looking for another career after leaving banking of 10 years !
So No … I am NOT suggesting you get in this business !  Leave the work to me & you go have FuN !
My reason for being here … Is so that YOU too … Discover the value a vacation can bring you !

Why I offer travel to others, is no different than your chosen career.  Hopefully, in general, you love your job/what you do !
Either to show others compassion or share your expertise in the product or service, you not only LOVE … But you can help others … And you believe in what you do/offer !

I believe vacation saved my life !  In more ways than one !
I’m a work-a-holic … I need/deserve vacation more than YOU
(you should think the same way too … YOU need/deserve vacation more than me) !
Fortunate for me … I discovered the value a vacation brings to a work-a-holic  ... 30 years ago. 
And I believe it has saved … A many a clients marriage too !  Even when they didn’t know it needed saving !

I’m also a Certified Life Coach and Teacher too … Naturally you can see WHY I am driven in wanting to help  YOU !
Can you only imagine how frustrated I get … When I don’t get folks away ?  Can't give what I know will help in their lives ??
Or receive callers who think/act like, they’re doing me a favor, by buying their travel from me ! 
If you don’t opt to travel… The person you are hurting is YOU !  Your mate !

Let me help you !  Many who are traveling, even with lack of money, are listening.  You can choose to too !  See #3 … My favorite and it’s the MOST POPULAR of many my travelers !

1st step for all 3 plans … Make a list of the travels, on your bucket list.
Don’t put down the whole world !
Think about it.  Name your 5 top places.
Yes, it can be generic, like Europe or Canada.  Or you can be a little more specific, like Mediterranean or Canada/New England.
Plan #1 … Commit to vacation EARLY !
Plan a year or 15 months in advance.  As soon as vacation pricing comes out.  Then plan your next vacation, 6 months prior to leaving, on this vacation.  In time, you will be on a cycle of seeing the world !
This gives you time to set forth, monthly equal payments !

Plan #2 … You can’t commit to a vacation date that early ?
Then find a travel specialist who will allow you to invest in a vacation certificate, with payments, for a future vacation !  Cruises Inc can help you here.  This way, your saved money is reserved for your well needed vacation !

Plan #3 … Invite family and friends to join you !
Did you know vacation vendors offer you travel credits, for this vacation, when you invite others to join you ?
1st step … Make a list of all your friends/family/co-workers.  Only name the 1st person, per couple, so when you’re finished, this is ‘how many couples’ you have.
2nd step … Beside each name, write ‘when’ they can travel ?
3rd step … How long can each of these folks get away ?
4th step … Who are early planners ? Who are last minute ?
5th step … What might each of their budgets be.

I have several clients who are involved with plan #3.  Vacationing more than once a year … For years …  And seeing the World !  You can too !  Let me help you !
It’s like starting our own business WITHOUT being the agent !  The value of not being the agent, is for an agent to help YOU … Get here !

If I had my business to do over again, I would ONLY opt for plan #3.
I would chose 6 vacations a year .  And promote to everyone I know, just 3 dates.
Bar tender, mechanic, mail man, nurse … Doesn’t matter who goes with you … Think about folks in your club, your church !  Other folks who are not traveling
(they may be waiting for a leader like you, to plan it)
It’s about you getting there !
Cause once you’re on a cruise, an All-Inclusive, or Land Vacation Package … The vendor takes over taking care of all your guests !
You just have FuN too !
(Unfortunately, I didn’t have this same insight 25 years ago, and stuck by the phone, in being here for all, taking advantage of #3 ! smile)

Or you can opt in #4. 
The 52 week money challenge !
However, unless you are committed at not using this $$ in time of need over another $ issue, this may not work for you.  You have to opt in being more committed than that, if you want to … See the World !

Call today … Get active with plan #3 !
It’s where m any travelers on a minimal budget have turned to … For years !
You just didn’t apparently know !
(434/800) 237-3832

PS.  You’re a last minute planner ? 
Then look to #2 & #4 .  And have money in hand upon your 1st call to your travel specialist !
Folks who give a bad name to ‘last minute’ travel buying ??  Those who call & have no money to buy. 
Like any agent, I personally have 0 compassion for any such caller !  And sorry, unable to appreciate such callers who are selfishly dreaming !  Vacation is a serious business !  And should be treated as such !

You ? Your spouse ? A work-a-holic ? Think retirement is the answer ? Could this be the reason, you’re putting off/NOT taking vacation ! See WHY, I have more male vacation clients than women.

I’m a work-a-holic !
Are you ? Your spouse ?
How do you know you’re not ?

Oxford dictionaries say … The definition of someone who is a work-a-holic is …
A person who compulsively works hard and long hours.

Are you always cleaning the house ? 
Volunteer for everything ?
Go to work earlier than scheduled time, yet don’t get off till normal time ?

Subconsciously making up work that’s not even there ?
Fear that if you take off time at work, something awful will happen, cause they’ll need you ?

Are you (or your spouse) ..
*Work driven
*Don’t know how to relax
*Won’t take time off
*Constant excuses for why you must work
*Won’t take vacation (or very few)
*Think your job can’t live without you, while you’re on vacation

Besides being a vacation specialist … I’m a Certified Life Coach and Certified Teacher .
Here’s FREE advice in helping you wake up !

I use to be in the bank business.  I loved it. However, as a work-a-holic, I go NOT STOP, as described above !  My subconscious drives me !  And so does yours !

Thankfully for me, 30 years ago, I discovered the value of vacation !  How it made me feel, when getting away !  To rejuvenate !  I totally believe, this discover, SAVED MY LIFE !  Helped me !  With my subconscious addiction !

It’s WHY I’m in the business.  Because I want EVERYONE who has this same addiction, to discover the same joy of relaxation !  Realize there’s another side to life, besides work !

Sure, I still come back to working non-stop !  Even more so, before and after !  In general, that’s not going to change, unless I change my subconscious thinking !  And neither will yours !  It just means I need to take more vacations ... I try to go every 2 months ! 
I’m also a hypnotherapist … A person who can help you with such addictions !

Like AA, if you’re the work-a-holic  … The 1st step in getting YOU better is…
Admitting it !

Step #2 … Pre-planning vacation early !  Committing.  Giving yourself that needed time, for believing you deserve it, but accepting that you’re going to take off, for this well-deserved getaway !  Knowing that you’re not going TODAY, truly helps you adjust !  Allows you to get excited, in time, of doing this over and over !

#3, think about choosing a cruise vacation !  WHY ?
*Get out of the country.  So work can’t find you and you can’t find your work !
*Discover the relaxation a cruise can bring you

Once I discovered what cruising gave back to me (relaxation, getaway & more), I was hooked.   Though I am personally still a work-a-holic, cruising truly gives me that REAL GETAWAY that I need to rejuvenate !

If the person who is a work-a-holic is your spouse ?  Again, pre-plan early.  Year in advance !  15 months in advance.  And plan the next vacation, 6 months before you leave on this vacation ! You will eventually get in a routine that they become adjusted to !

And again, I’m suggesting a cruise !
If the work-a-holic is male, the hardest part is 1st getting him there.
Know, I am have more male vacation clients TODAY than women !
Once you get him there, he calls ME next time !
What joy is that ?  It’s wonderful !

If you think waiting for your retirement or their retirement is the answer (the excuse they give you) … Either 3 things will happen.  And you may as well start mentally excepting the outcome now !
*There will be another excuse
*They will volunteer for everything to keep busy !
*They won ‘t make it (be here) to retirement  !

Being a work-a-holic is unhealthy, no matter what excuse someone gives you, for having to work …
And waiting till retirement is not the answer !