Thursday, July 27, 2017

2018 Cruise Free like a Cruise Specialist - All Inclusives too


Folks ask me all the time if I … CRUISE FREE ?
In general … NO. 

In general … Nothing is for free. 
However … I too … Can earn $$ towards a FREE CRUISE … Just like you ! 

The difference between me & you ?
I do all the maintenance on your cruise and staff handles your Customer Service needs …
And YOU … Just cruise (smile).

How can You & me … Cruise FREE ?

How about a few questions to you … FIRST … 

1)Do you normally travel with family/friends on your vacations ?

2)If not, ever wish, after you get on vacation, your family/friends we there to experience too ? 

3)Do you know more people than just family/friends ?
(mechanic ?  doctor ? grocery bagger ? folks at church ?  clubs ? classmates ?  Military friends ?)
How many folks are on your Facebook Page ? 

4)Do you like the idea of ‘giving’ & making others happy ? 

5)Do you like the concept of cruising … Where most folks do what they want during the day … Then meet up with table mates at dinner ?

6)Do you like the idea of no paperwork for you … In earning $ towards FREE cruise ?

If you said yes to all the above … Then you too, qualify like a Cruise Specialist !

Here’s all you have to do ...
Just invite family/friends/others to cruise with you …
And the cruise line gives you $.

There is a catch …
You need to plan 9mo to 15mo prior to sailing. 
Why ?  Cruise Line can’t handle your group too, if you’re booking last minute !  So they ‘cut off’ space !
If there’s no designated space left for your group … You earn NOTHING !
And FYI … Your invites can earn a bonus too !

How much can you earn ?
ENDLESS … Based on available space ! 

How do you start ?
Make list of friends/family/other.

(need help deciding ?  want help looking at webpages ?  Call me)

3rd … See below … Call me !

Ready to know how many friends you need to invite ?
Depends on how much $ you want to earn …
Yes … You can earn MORE than your cruise cost !
As low as 10 people/5cabins can bring in big bucks !
Call me !
(434/800) 237-3832
Fla (386) 222-3030

Friday, January 20, 2017

Travel Buying Myths. Which are ? Which aren’t ? Statistics

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What consumers don't know, can work to a travelers disadvantage/pocketbook !

Take advantage of reading a few Myths and Not myths below.

Myth or not ?
Wave Season is when most vacationers buy their vacation for the upcoming year ?

How so ?
Each year, the cruise line industry experiences Wave Season, from January through mid-March.  Actually …  It’s Wave Season for other type vacation buying too.

An estimate of 70% of vacationers, buy from April thru December, the year prior. 
Actually about 20% buy during Wave Season.  It’s called Wave Season because this amount of vacation buyers over 2 ½ months is a whole lot more buying, versus 70% over 9 months !

Myth or Not ?
Wave Season is the lowest price time to buy your vacation ?

How so ?
Reminder … 70% of vacationers have already made their upcoming year’s purchase.  The consumer has no idea what the ‘early birds’ paid !  Unless, been watching rates for last 9 months or longer (as soon as rates came out).

Myth or Not ?
More consumers buy direct with the Land Tour Vendor than thru an agent.

How so ?
Travel statistics reports by Redzy.  51,9% of tour operators are working with travel agents to resell their tours versus direct with consumers.

Myth or Not ?
Most bookings are made online/via email versus by phone.

How so ?
Travel statistics reports by Redzy.  Almost 90% are still taking bookings manually.

Myth or Not ?
Few people do their homework or read reviews before purchasing their vacation.

How so ?
Travel statistics reports by Redzy.  93% of global travelers say their booking decisions are impacted by online reviews.

Myth or Not ?
Few people research or know needed insight, prior to calling an agent.

How so ?
85% vacationers, have done their homework, know the vacation they want, and only left with a few questions, by the time they call their agent the 1st time..

Myth or Not ?
Majority of vacationers are ready to buy their vacation upon their 1st call to their agent ?

Not Myth.
How so ?
Unfortunately, 15% consumers, have yet to discover one of the most important information to know.  They've yet to even ask, (1) Those who will be traveling too if they want to go !  And (2) Asked their job (spouse) if they can have off work.  

FBO consumers and loss of vacation dreams … Vacationers should consider having these answers before they even begin their research.  Especially before calling their agent. Why waste your time getting all the exact info/questions answered, if it’s possible, you’re not going.

Myth or Not ?
Most consumers believe, buying their vacation, on their own, online, is how they’ll save money.

Not Myth.
How so ?
Due to ‘hoop-la’ advertising, many consumers unfortunately believe, online buying is the best way to save.  Think about it ... Advertisers are there to make consumers believe, their product is the best (or best savings). Is that always true ??

Same with cruise buying.  Best pricing for cruises are through a Cruise-Only Distribution House.  Cruises Inc – WTH is the Nation’s Largest.

Myth or Not ?
Consumers save themselves time, by choosing to purchase their vacation on their own.

How so ?
Booking a trip often proves to be an extremely stressful, grueling undertaking. You can spend hours online searching for deals on flights and hotels, bouncing from one website to another in pursuit of the perfect price. This kind of process is often headache-inducing: Approximately 20 percent of more than 2,000 travelers worldwide said it took them more than five hours to search and book travel online, according to a recent survey by the I.B.M Institute for Business Value.

Biggest question ... Do you know all the questions to ask ?  Do you know that all the pieces of the puzzle will work ?  What if one piece of the puzzle breaks, what will you do then ?

Myth or Not ?
Interline buying is safe.

Myth/Not Myth.
Maybe yes, maybe not (?).
Can depends on what product you’re buying and who’s site you’re it buying from.  Do you know WHEN you’re on an official site, or possibly on a site that is portraying that site ?

Myth or Not ?
You’ll get what you think you’re buying, when buying direct from the net.

Myth/Not Myth.
Maybe yes, maybe not (?).
Computer can’t read your mind.  You meant this and the computer thought you meant that.

I know if you buy cruises on my website, our system doesn’t know, we’ve advertised amenities for you.  CALL2BOOK2SAVE !

Myth or Not ?
Consumers should buy their travel on their own, if they’ve done all the research.

How so ?
As mentioned above, 95% consumers do their homework and read reviews before buying.  85% know what they want, before calling their agent. 51.9 % vendors receive their sales from travel agents.  Doing research on your own, doesn’t mean buying on your own. 

Consumers are not paid by vendors to be their own travel agent.  Why be responsible and manage your vacation, when an agent gets paid to do this for you.  If you’ve done all the research, there should be any ‘research fees’ from an agent.

Myth or Not ?
When consumers buy their vacation on their own (direct at vendor), it’s easy to get the vendor to correct that which they promised, yet you didn’t receive.

Myth/Not Myth.
Maybe yes, maybe no. 

Unfortunately, if issues arise and you bought on your own … You’re on your own to find out !

Could go on and on ... Such as insight on Trip Cancellation Insurance topic, will buying last minute vacations save you money ... However for now, these are enough Food for thought !

Summary …
Buy as early as you think about this vacation.  Consider for 2018, doing as 70% do … Make your purchase prior to December 2017.
Buy your vacation from an agent.
(434/800) 237-3832

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